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Learn more about Pimun

Pimun is a garment designed to provide kinesthetic stimulation to the neonate's back, synchronizing with their breathing pattern during sleep. This personalized stimulation aims to reduce the incidence of apnea of prematurity and intermittent hypoxia, as well as strengthen the respiratory muscles, thereby optimizing respiratory efficiency in these neonatal patients.

Why choose Pimun?

Current treatments for prematurity-related apnea (AOP), such as caffeine therapy and mechanical ventilation, while effective, are not without adverse effects. These treatments can sometimes lead to delays in infant growth (in the case of caffeine) or nasal deformities and skin damage (with mechanical ventilation). It is crucial to explore safer alternatives to enhance the care of premature infants with AOP.

Problem current treatments



Long Hospital Stays

Expensive for Hospitals and Parent

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